Ambassador Program

 About the program 

As an ambassador, you will become the gateway in which countless people come to know, love, and understand our organization around the globe. Ambassadors seek to enhance the Otel2Go brand by engaging in fun & innovative marketing projects. Ambassadors will demonstrate leadership, communication skills and high work standards.


  • Must be 18+
  • Must complete an Ambassador application
  • Must be able to commit a consistent amount of work during your tenure as an Ambassador
  • Must be a Otel2Go supporter and believe in our mission of encouraging travel and affordable hospitable hosting
  • Must be willing to promote Otel2Go to your network of friends, family and associates


  • Monthly referral fees
  • Complimentary stay in Otel2Go Affiliate partner
  • Invitation to any Otel2Go events collaborate with Tourism Malaysia
  • Otel2Go merchandise
  • Training in marketing & communications
  • A résumé-building experience


Interested email us at