Here at Otel2Go, we provide “real-time” guest management systems, along with features like channel manager, API integration and PCI-DSS compliant payment process. We offer efficient management of the reservations, invoicing, in-house report generations, and 24/7 support. We develop our Quality Assurance Team to monitor the service quality delivered by our hotel partners to our distinguished travellers with minimal numbers of complaints. Otel2Go is transforming ecosystem for hotel and traveller world experience.


“Every day we’re solving a new problem, whether that’s to improve our products, or to better our customer experience in scale".

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Otel2Go represents a new concept of solution for the Small and Budget Hotels (SMDGET) including homestay’s Property Management System (PMS). Our focused on delivering a scalability and simpler concept of hotel PMS solutions. Our primary areas of development are on cloud-based PMS, Channel Manager and onlinehotel booking platform for Small and Budget Hotels (SMDGET).



Traditional hotel PMS installations and service contracts can often be expensive, and many are out-dated. Today more and more hotel owners want to perform typical Property Management operations using mobile devices. One of feature of legacy systems is quite literally its inability to move with the times. Otel2Go Cloud PMS is generally offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. Hotel will have access to their data in real-time, typically from any type of device, whenever they need it. Them will pay for a subscription to have access to the PMS application and data.



The cloud presents the hospitality industry with a revolutionary way of doing business better, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. Running applications through the internet actually reduces the security risks and vulnerabilities associated with servers tied to an on-premise PMS. The solution provides a more stable production with much less down time.


Founded and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in April 2017 Otel2Go will be launching their online platform on 18th Sept 2018. Otel2Go represents a new democratic integration concept for small and budget hotels for their property management system (PMS). Our focus is on delivering an accessible and simpler concept of hotel PMS based on cloud.

Our primary areas of development are on cloud solutions offering to simplify the PMS as a business aggregator platform to the hoteliers, in order to connect everyone in a simple online booking concept. These novel ventures aim to help the growth of the Malaysian small and budget hotels’ (SMDGET) market segments and to strive and win competitors within the hospitality industry.

Co-Founder Otel2Go, NorashikinAriff, 40 years old, 10 years’ experience as HR strategist – shared her experience the first time “e-commerce” grabbed her attention when she attached with Ensogo - which is an Australia-based social commerce website that offers members discounted daily deals on restaurants, hotel accommodations, spa services, beauty activities and retail products.

Meanwhile, Faiza a brainchild and Founder for Otel2Go, it is very advantageous as a PhD scholar to launch a start-up especially when few universities already start the incubator program and venture accelerator program at university. Faiza, currently completing her PhD thesis title “How the cloud is disrupting the Malaysian hospitality industry” at Victoria University of Melbourne, sponsored by MARA agencies under Malaysian Government. As a scholar and future entrepreneur in the field of hotel tech experts, Faiza aims that Otel2Go will be transforming the small and budget hotels to be a Smart Digital Hotels by year 2025.